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Men’s Ministry

Members of the Men’s Ministry commit to serve as a vehicle for the attainment of the larger mission of the Makers Chapel International, to help men 25 years and above, grow within the sound teachings and doctrines of the Bible. The goal of the Ministry is to secure for its members and posterity, the blessings of God and the attainment of our mission and vision which is carved out of the General belief and principles of TMHCI.

The Department, therefore, provides the forum to help with the welfare and well-being of all members, others and the society at large as well as providing the platform to mobilize membership and provide opportunities to build relationships.

As a family, we aim to enrich the spiritual and social lives of our members through lectures, seminars, retreats, debates and other forms of communication. The slogan of the Fellowship is: ‟We take territories with no boundaries” and when we greet: “Men of Destiny” our members respond: “We will serve the Lord”!


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