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The General Overseer

The ministry of this great man of God has seen international recognition all over the world for over a decade now. He is an astute intellectual, a loyal friend, a father to many and above all a loving husband.

Having served under great men of the gospel, the name and blue print of The Maker’s House  was given by the Holy Spirit in 1998 but stayed in the incubator until October 2011 to be hatched as a fellowship. The Maker’s House  has grown ever since testifying of the Lord’s goodness and grace. The Maker’s House is one of the fastest growing churches in Ghana today and we give God all the glory.

He holds  a PhD Business administration (Marketing Option) from the University of Ghana Business School after pursuing a couple of other post graduate degrees. It is therefore not surprising that he is very well sort after to speak in conferences all over the world on a broad range of themes. A firebrand preacher; full of revelations and insights. Operates in a variety of gifts as the Holy Spirit permits but goes under the flagship of the prophetic ministry. He is a “word addict” and therefore preaches the word of God passionately.


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