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Thursday, 15 December 2016 11:02

Maker's House Chapel Launches 3 books

Former Rector of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Prof. Stephen Adei, has underscored the need for Ghanaians to cultivate the culture of authoring books to add to the existing wealth of knowledge in the country.Prof. Adei, who is the Economics Lecturer at Pentecost University College (PUC) at Sowutuom in Accra, urged people in public administration to endeavour to write books to help correct the numerous pitfalls in the system.

Addressing a gathering at the formal launch of three great books of the founder of Maker’s House Chapel International, a Christian denomination church at Kwabenya in Accra, Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye, Prof. Addei observed that it was “incumbent upon all of us to tell the story of ourselves and not outsiders.”The three exciting books which was authored by Dr. Nyamekye is aimed at helping to transform lives of individuals in society.

The books which are entitled: “God’s Last Card, Multiple Streams of lncome and Break the Roof,” were unveiled at the auditorium of Maker’s House Chapel International at Kwabenya new Domi Atomic Roundabout in Accra on Saturday, March 26, 2016.Member of Parliament (MP) for Manhyia constituency in the Ashanti region, Dr. Mathew Osei Prempeh, aka NAPO, and a large number of MPs, journalists, artists and academicians were at the Maker’s House Chapel International to witness the launch.The proceeds of every book sold from the three books, according to the man of the God, would be used to support roadmap of the church’s youth organisation programmes.

Authored by Dr. Nyamekye, the publications analyse “playing the redemption masterstroke at Calvary, breakthrough and God’s delight in mankind prosperity.”In his remark, Dr. Nyamekye called on various religious bodies and Ghanaians to adopt the three books to further enrich their knowledge in the subject areas.Dr. Nyamekye, who is a PhD holder, expressed appreciation to persons, particularly Dr. Prempeh, who contributed in diverse ways to make his publication possible.Prof. Adei in his review said the three books provide detailed analysis of different subject areas.

The subject areas, he pointed out, constitute backgrounds to the holistic aspect of wealth creation, roof breaking traits and benefits and the cross; the Christian flagship among others.He described the three books as wonderful ones and called on Ghanaians to grab copies of the books to read since the books have the tendency to change their lives.Describing Dr. Nyamekye as a “young dynamic and charismatic intellectual,” Prof. Adei asserted that the man of God doctor was yet rooted in reform theory, noting that everything he says in the books he virtually tried to grab them in scripture.He advised Ghanaians to increase their investment portfolios, stressing that diversification was the only secret to financial stability.

Prof. Adei who sounded religious added that: “Be creative, innovative and apply your gift of what God has given to you. You should take advantage of the opportunities around you and add value and invest in yourselves so that you can achieve your destiny.”

The Maker’s House Chapel International officially outdoored the church’s scholarship secretariat, Sunday, August 21, 2016.The secretariat, christened ‘TeamEdu’, is the education wing of The Maker’s House Chapel International and is dedicated to assisting disadvantaged students throughout their university education by identifying resources to assist with.

Applicants must have completed Senior High School and gained admission into any of the public tertiary institutions as well as prove that they are from a deprived background. Successful candidates, who must first be committed members of the church, shall be offered full scholarship package throughout the duration of their chosen courses.The Maker’s House Chapel International located at Point 1 off the Kwabenya road in the Ga East Municipality of Accra, describes itself as “…the voice and the hand that encourages people to change their lives with hope, comfort and peace”. The vision of the TMHCI is “To drive towards Church excellence whilst ushering people into destiny fulfillment and preparing them for heaven.”

Speaking at the launch, International Consultant, Mrs. Joana Adzoa Opare said the move by the leadership of the church is aimed at augmenting the efforts by government in ensuring that brilliant students are given the opportunity to pursue the dream and become responsible citizens in the country.Mrs Opare who heads the Education Department of The Maker’s House Chapel International, has twenty-five (25) years’ experience in development work; thirteen (13) of which are exclusively in Gender, Development and Peace-building. She also worked as the National Programme Manager for the UN System programme for Promoting Gender Equality in Ghana for 5 years.

She revealed that latest statistics from the Tertiary Education Council indicates a 40% funding gap at the tertiary level which she described as worrying. She therefore called on individuals as well as institutions to contribute towards the scheme to enable TeamEdu to continue support the unfortunate the deprived students.

Tuesday, 09 April 2019 11:00

Supernatural Conference

This year's Supernatural Conference comes off at the destiny arena Kwabenya Point 1

The Supernatural conference dubbed 'The Cross' Effect' is hosted by Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye

The program begins on Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st April 2019

The General Overseer of The Maker’s House Chapel International, Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye has charged mothers to live up to the responsibility of continually interceding for their children for them to become the great men and women God wants them to be.According to him, God had placed the destiny of children in the hands of mothers and for that purpose, mothers cannot afford to take their eyes off directing the paths of their offsprings.Dr. BoadiNyamekye gave the admonishing on Sunday, Mother’s Day, a day dedicated for the celebration of mothers worldwide. The day also climaxed a weeklong activities set aside by the church to celebrate women.

Preaching on the theme; “Mothers on Vacation,” Dr Nyamekye urged mothers to “partner with God for them to become what they have been programmed to do”.Speaking about some of the practices that bedevilled the role of mothers in the home, he said “you are too busy on WhatsApp that you have even forgotten that your child brought a home work from school”.“It is what the mother will do that will determine the destiny of their children,” he stated.Drawing his message from the book of 1st Kings 3:16-27, Dr. Boadi Nyamekye added: “The language of a child is only understood through the voice of the mother”.

“You can’t be on vacation as a mother. The mother’s job is not just to procreate, the mother’s job is actually an intercessor. Mothers should be intercessors, motherhood should not be a title, it’s a responsibility”.Admitting that the woman was usually at a disadvantage due to societal norms, the Man of God maintained that “the woman is the one God gives custodian of the destiny of their children…because it takes a mother to hold the hand of the child and drag that child to where it is supposed to go”.

“If your child is not doing well it is the mother’s responsibility not to stand on heels but to go on her knees,” he added.

The General Overseer of the Maker’s House Chapel International (TMHCI) Dr Michael Boadi Nyamekye has condemned the practice by some modern day men of God who have adopted the practice of engaging in profiteering businesses using their church platforms.He alluded to practices where some pastors and churches bought items at relatively low prices and sold them at exorbitant prices to non-suspecting members in the name of God.He posited that if such men of God could buy olive oil at a price of GH₵10 and after claiming to have prayed and therefore, added value to it, sold it at GH₵100, then they equally ought to pay value added tax on such transactions to the state.

Merchandising in God’s house

Delivering a sermon at the Destiny Arena of TMHCI off Kwabenya Point One in Accra today, Dr Nyamekye emphasised that “you cannot turn the house of God into a place where you sell. You cannot sell in the house of God. It is not right no matter how you look at it.” According to him, “God is not pleased with us as a church that would go into selling, that would go into the buying and selling of things in church. God is saying He is not pleased with it.”He said there had often been excuses that the church bought the items and was selling them saying If that was the case, then it would be appropriate to sell such items at the cost at which they were originally bought.

Dr Nyamekye said if there was oil selling at cost, then there could be the safe assumption that the church was not into a profit-making venture but “in the situation where you buy oil for GH₵10 and sell it to congregants at GH₵100, you have converted the gospel into merchandise.”He was emphatic that If God gave a vision about his children to a man of God, he cannot use it to enrich himself by saying that if the person who the vision was about did not pay so much he would not pray for him.

Don't use your gift to manipulate’

You cannot use your prophetic gift to manipulate God’s people. You cannot use your healing gift to manipulate God’s people. You cannot use your deliverance gift to manipulate God’s people. Freely have you received, freely give,” he maintained.God, he said, was not pleased with the 21st Century church because “we have turned the house of God into a place of merchandise yet we are supposed to sell the gospel freely because the bible says we received from God freely and ought to give out freely.”He said God was looking for people who would know that His house, was a house of divine transactions where people came to when they were dejected and broken-hearted and a place where people sought refuge in the name of the Lord.

Stop exploiting the vulnerable

Dr Nyamekye recounted that there were stories where people who were vulnerable, broken and distressed had attended churches where the pastors had taken advantage of the same people who were running from the world and coming to seek refuge in the name of God.“When you are given a role of leadership in a church, it is not an opportunity to enrich yourself or do things your own way but you ought to be mindful that the things you do must bring glory to God,” he urged.Dr Nyamekye, therefore, encouraged pastors to be bold in telling members of the church when they fail to play by godly standards that they either comply or leave “but we must not put a veneer of piety on their actions just because we do not want to lose them.”


A host of Ghana’s finest Gospel artistes led hundreds of worshipers at The Maker’s House Chapel International (TMHCI), to a praise and worship encounter last weekend.Eugene Zuta, Pastor Isaiah and Ohemaa Mercy who performed gave a ‘roof-breaking’ performance at the praise and worship event dubbed “My Heart Sings”.Other artistes included Sandra Afreh, Kwadwo Tuffuor (The Psalmist) and the Destiny Choir of the Maker’s House Chapel International.

The praise and worship event was a prelude to the Experience Conference, which is the flagship annual international conference of the Maker’s House Chapel International which brings together many people, irrespective of their political affiliation, colour, race and ethnicity under one roof to commune and have an encounter with God.The conference will this year be held from October 4 to 11 and would be hosted by Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye, General Overseer at the Maker’s House Chapel international at Kwabenya in Accra.

Gospel Artistes expected to minister at the conference include Uncle Ato, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Ohemaa Mercy, Becky Bonnie, Grace Ashy, Destiny Choir, Kojo Tuffour (the Psalmist) and many others.


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