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Team Impact

Team Impact is  responsible for all corporate social responsibility activities of The Makers House Chapel International.

The team oversees all CSR projects; it prioritises and ensures that resources are allocated to pertinent and relevant social issues.

At the Makers House, we take our social responsibilities very seriously, not because of its social impact alone, but we believe it is Christ-like too.

There is no better way to preach the love of God than by GIVING to the world, His only begotten son….’for God so love the world that He GAVE his only begotten son….’John 3:16.

We believe in GIVING as it is in GIVING that we RECEIVE.

n giving of these tangible goods and resources to the less privileged in society that open their hearts for the Gospel.

Missionaries, in the past, gave to pave their way to sharing the Gospel.

We firmly believe in that approach and that we must first demonstrate love if you want to preach it!

These are a few of our many social projects embarked upon during our few years existence as a church: The Women’s  Ministry Prisons Project; Youth Ministry’s School for the Blind Project; Children’s Ministry Teshie Orphanage Project; and several others.

Albeit, we have been modest in our propaganda of these activities.

We continue to plan social intervention projects for the benefit of our community, society in general and to the Glory of God.


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